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Prototyping in the Browser

Name Product: Prototyping in the Browser
Download Size: 132 MB
COST: $35= Yours Free
Author: Jake Rocheleau
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Before you design a website, it’s important to have some kind of a plan or a wireframe to guide your efforts. But sometimes when you go from a simple sketch to digital pixels, the results aren’t exactly what you expect. When you work with real HTML and CSS, and you’re able to see your site on a real screens, you’re able to see a more accurate representation of the final result. In this course, we’re going to build a website prototype using the Bootstrap web framework.

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Easily Create a Website With Google Sites

Name Product: Easily Create a Website With Google Sites
Download Size: 124 MB
COST: $90= Yours Free
Author: N/A
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Get Started with Google Sites

With Google Sites, building websites is easy. Just drag content where you need it. Create a one-stop destination for all important information, including videos, images, calendars, presentations, documents, folders, and text. Then, quickly and securely share it with an entire organization or the world.

With Google Sites you can build internal project hubs, team sites, public-facing websites, and more—all without designer, programmer, or IT help.

In this course you’ll learn to create and share webpages with Google Sites. We’ll demonstrate how to create sites from scratch as we familiarize you with the interface.

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Learn jQuery for beginners web development

Name Product: Learn jQuery for beginners web development
Download Size: 580 MB
COST: $149= Yours Free
Author: Laurence Svekis
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Quick and easy Guide to working with jQuery Learn to add jQuery to your webpages most popular JavaScript library website

Fast Paced Introductory course to learning jQuery

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The HTML And CSS Bootcamp

Name Product: The HTML And CSS Bootcamp
Download Size: 327 MB
COST: $13.99= Yours Free
Author: Jordan Hudgens
Sale Page: _

Learn to make webpages in this course using HTML and CSS

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make webpages this course is for you. You will learn how to use HTML to structure your page.

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[Special Offer] Jay Abraham’s Lifetime Reference Library 2.0

Jay Abraham’s

Name Product: Jay Abraham’s Lifetime Reference Library 2.0
COST: $5800
Size: 129.50 GB + 330 GB

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Jay Abraham’s  The Hard Drive 2.0 Super-Package is an “Almost Complete” collection of my most Expensive, Expansive, Evolved Advisory work— it Includes BOTH Hard Drive I and the ALL-NEW Hard Drive II (A total of 450+ Gigabytes).

Hard Drive 1 provides extraordinary understanding, perspectives and granular, unusually detailed education, explanation and examination in my foundational concepts, methods, philosophies and actual success stories. It’s great for grounding and nitty-gritty, specifics.

People who quickly “snapped-up” that first hard drive have already reported unimaginable results. We’re talking doubling, and re-doubling profit performance and sales results. We’re talking propelling them into totally heightened new ways of selling, marketing, advertising, and competing.

There’s literally hundreds of real-life demonstrations of how and what actual business owners, entrepreneurs professionals and startups-alike are actually going to do (or successfully did do) with each one of nearly 100 different strategic concepts we explore.

Plus– since we explored them in nearly 50 different forms, angles, processes—through the lens of each different component on the hard drive (i.e. seminars, interviews, manuals, transcriptions) it’s virtually impossible NOT to master my fundamental methods and mindsets.

But that’s just Hard Drive I, which you can still get for $342 down on a fully refundable “Risk Free” 30 Day Trial period here: Hard Drive 1

Hard Drive II is like talking the gloves off, putting twin turbos on your business, then filling your tank with pure nitro! Think– your business on steroids but the most ethical results-certain-success-proven kind.

It gets really serious about outthinking, out competing, out-positioning, out advertising, out performing, out achieving, out earning and out contributing any other competitor out there.

It contains outrageously deep and mind-shattering advanced programs and thinking I’ve done in more recent times.

We’re talking about programs I did in china for 2000 people who had the right to get all their money back at the end— IF I didn’t deliver.

We’re talking about complete marketing make over processes people pay $25,000 each to be part of for just 90-minutes on stage with me.We’re talking 800+ slide PowerPoints I created to tell amazingly provocative (and evocative) stories.

We’re talking huge 400+ work books so packed with lifetime reference content it’ll be your “life raft” of guidance through the years to come. 3 day, 4 days, 5 days—$5,000, $20,000, $25,000 per person encounter… it’s all on Hard Drive II.

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Sean Mize Collection 2014

Name Product: Sean Mize Collection 2014
Size: 4.64 GB
COST: ~$1000= Your Free
Author: Sean Mize

Sean Mize is a coaches’ coach, teaching coaches how to market online, build highly powerful email sequences that build demand for their coaching, and how to sell their coaching. He is an expert at personal productivity and works closely with clients to help them improve their productivity in addition to their marketing results.

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Jeffrey Thompson – Brainwave Entrainment Mega Pack

Name Product: Dr. Jeffrey Thompson – Brainwave Entrainment Mega Pack
COST: ~700$= Your Free
Author: Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Size: 17.9 GB
Website: _

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. has been experimenting with sound since childhood and specifically in the healing field of medicine since 1980. He began his clinical research in Virginia in the Holistic Health Center he established there. At the time, the Center was the largest of its kind in Virginia. His experiments used exact sound frequencies to make Chiropractic spinal and cranial adjustments, to stimulate and normalize organ function, and to balance Acupuncture Meridians. With significant success behind him, he moved to Southern California in 1988 to continue and expand his research and interest in the field of scientific sound.

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James Jones – The Net Results Products 2015

Name Product: James Jones – The Net Results Products 2015
Size: 15.93 GB
COST: Siterip= Your Free
Author: James Jones

Since 1983, James J. Jones has walked-the-walk, educating himself and others on the various and everchanging ins and outs of Internet Marketing and Internet Publishing. Using a combination of creativity, hard work, intelligence and tenacity, James has found that one can find success and financial reward while enjoying the fun and freedom of being self-employed.

The Net Results is a company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, that is dedicated to your success as an internet marketer. It is headed by James J Jones – who has been in the online marketing business since 1983 – and no, that’s not a misprint. Before Google, Yahoo, or any of the like, there were Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes). BBSes allowed people to dial into a “host” computer and interact with other users who were also dialed in (usually via modem.) Once “online” people could play games, download files, send email to other users and even post ads in the classified section.

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