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Episode 1: Drew’s Guest Appearance on KUCI 88.9FM Part 1

Drew was welcomed on as a guest on KUCI 88.9FM’s “The Chat Room” with Marrie Stone in Irvine, California on Friday August 24th 2012 to discuss his business, story, and answer questions about dating and sex. Drew’s story of childhood struggle of being a loser, tiny spark, classic pitfalls of men, work on shortcomings rather than a perfect facade, the best investment you can make, context of strength, women are people too, the importance of confidence, the abundance mindset test, where women’s sexuality is based.

Episode 2: Drew’s Guest Appearance on KUCI 88.9FM Part 2

Part 2 of Drew’s guest appearance and interview on KUCI 88.9FM’s “The Chat Room” in Irvine, California finishing their discussion on his business, story, and questions about dating and sex. All women get into the sexting, 50 Shades of Grey, how to get her to anything, make her come 10 times during sex, webcam or phone sex, awkwardness, the best way to get started with it and introduce it first, talking dirty and sexy, Nancy Friday – My Secret Garden, learn how to do it.

Episode 3: Salvaged Conversation With Nicole Part 1

In this conversation, recovered from some technical difficulties, Nicole and Drew discuss how women shut off their femininity and sexuality, as well as what that means for men’s responses to them. Help to sexually liberate women, the pain of women showing up in the world, surrender vs submission, women protecting themselves of from to being open and feminine, being afraid, masculine searching for feminine light, talk to anybody, going for what you want and treating everyone equally, you can judge a man by the way he treats someone that can do nothing for him.

Episode 4: Salvaged Conversation With Nicole Part 2

In the second part, Nicole and Drew discuss how women shut off their femininity and sexuality, as well as what that means for men’s responses to them. Shining light vs being attracted, attraction isn’t a choice, conscious way to connect, the men women want, what goes wrong in relationships, sexual polarities, man leading and trusting his masculinity.

Episode 5: Conscious Sex with Co-Host Jenny Ferry Part 1

This episode of Dirty Talk, I’m delighted to have Jenny Ferry on as my guest. She’s the author of the forthcoming book Soul Sex: Creating the Conscious Connection You Crave and a Soul Sex Coach. In part 1, we talk about Jenny’s story of her sexual safe haven, Steve Job’s connecting the dots, the simple ways to help people through their sexual disconnect, the illusion of sex in our society, self-pleasuring practices and co-creating, masculine and feminine balances, common quirky aspects of sexuality, college sexuality surveying, relationship configurations, communicating about advanced desires.

Episode 6: Conscious Sex with Co-Host Jenny Ferry Part 2

In part 2 of this episode of Dirty Talk with Jenny Ferry, we talk about sex-shutdown in a classic marriage, how easy it is embracing new sex lives, how women can get in touch with their orgasms, vaginal intimidation, how to come from curiosity and desire to learn, how simple it can be, should you be explicit or passive, be naked in nature sex, Dr Seuss, conscious hooking up, abundance or the fear and scarcity of monogamous committed relationships, talk of Soul Sex book.

Episode 7: Interview With Hot Rawks (Organic Libido Enhancer) Creator Julie Wilson

In this episode of Dirty Talk, I’m delighted to have my friend Julie Wilson on the show to talk about her story of overcoming Crohn’s disease the all natural way, and how she came up with her organic, raw, all-natural libido enhancer – Hot Rawks. Not only that, you get a personal sneak peak inside the mind and sexuality of this high-class rawkstar. Julie shares with us how she decided to take her health into her own hands after being told her intestines would need to be removed, how her journey at 25 lead her to share what she’s learned to improve people’s sex life and health, the insider scoop on her marketing approaches as a “lipstick hippie” on Playboy radio “fucking, sucking, and this and that”, holistic sex health, healthy creates horny, dealing with sexual guilt, curvaceous results, emotional connections with 50 Shades of Grey, whips & bondage, how Julie over came her hesitations about a kinky sexual fantasy, and what makes semen taste delicious or repulsive.

Episode 8: Conversation With Nicole Abundance

Nicole and I try this for a second time, enjoying a technical issue-free show that came out great. In this episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald, Nicole talks about her marriage and how it ended, her reflection on the skills and ideas she has now compared to then, how getting back into the dating world was absolute hell, subconscious mind’s limiting beliefs, the “dating cycle and stages”, women in their masculine, women’s capacity to be feminine with boundaries, the 2 major things at play with her man’s commitment, 2 major techniques for women to get back into their feminine, the words we use to describe having sex tell everything unconsciously, how to build each other up through pleasure, and if women should give sex for commitment.

Episode 9: Health, Presence, and Sex with Philip McCluskey

This week’s guest is Philip McCluskey, a health expert who has lost over 215lbs by going on a raw food diet. I brought him on the show to talk about how his weight and transformation affected his sex drive and sex life, and he delivered more inspiration in an hour than I’d ever expect. Philip is a shining example how taking charge of your health can not only have profound impacts on your sex, but how that all adds up to creating an amazing life in and out of the bedroom. Philip discusses his breaking point and magic number on the scale that caused him to make a drastic change in his life, the choices behind our actions, if he would do it all over again, the critical point you need to be where the doors of opportunity open, the challenges of being overweight in the bedroom, transitioning from vanity, the attractiveness of healthy women, the feedback from honestly asking to make love on the first night, polyamory, the excuses and stores of our victimhood, the sexiness of a man’s purpose, the power of being present, poor sex education for men from porn, adapting to new women’s preferences and communicating, the language of poor sex, going deep with one partner, sex with the house on fire, and lighting up other people’s lights from your own story.

Episode 10: Interview With The Erotic Rockstar Destin Gerek

This episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald features the Erotic Rockstar, Destin Gerek. Destin is a California State Certified Somatic Sexologist through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, an Erotic Empowerment Coach, and an Erotic Performer and Artist for over a decade. As a close friend, I invited him on the show to talk about his story and share his solutions for the major problem men and women have around their sex lives. In this show, Destin introduces himself and his path of becoming an erotic rockstar, integrating mind, body, and spirit, his dark period and early influences, creating a more sex-positive culture, how he works with his clients, how one of his clients became a “babe magnet” that evoked women’s sexual desire, the major hangups of both men and women around sex, the disconnect from our bodies, a powerful technique to become present, the magic of being curious, sex in the shower, the pressures of women needing to be perfect, Drew’s “no cellphone” rule, the most powerful way to improve your sex life.

Episode 11: Interview With Secrets of Longevity’s Govan Kilgour

In this episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald, I interview Govan Kilgour of “Secrets of Longevity” about the role of sex in living a longer, sexier, and healthier life for both men and women. Govan and I discuss semen retention, herbs, and all sorts of crazy awesome longevity and health aspects of sex.

Episode 12: 1st Guest Appearance on Goddess Imperative

This episode of Dirty Talk is actually an interview of me, Drew Gerald, on the Australian radio show The Goddess Imperative. Amanda and Juli were kind enough to have me on their show to talk sex and want to share their episode with you. While their show is more geared towards women, there’s plenty of interesting thoughts being discussed for both sexes this episode.

Episode 13: 2nd Guest Appearance on Goddess Imperative

Episode 14: Porn, Measure B, The Adult Industry with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, PhD

Episode 15: Eros, Dark Sex Mythology, and Kink with Galen

Episode 16: Mia Interviews Drew About Sex, Vulnerability, & Oneness

Episode 17: Indulging In Sexual Arousal

Episode 18: Interview With Shana James of Authentic Woman Experience

Episode 19: Shana Interviews Drew On How To Talk Dirty And Divine

Episode 20: Artificial Constraints, Sex Limitations, And Bondage

Episode 21: Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 1

Episode 22: Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 2

Episode 23: Drew Interviewed For Women On When To Have Sex, Body Insecurity, Sex Filters, Shame

Episode 24: Interview With Vanessa Simpkins On Women’s Empowerment, Sexual Emotions, Addictive Relationships

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