Healing Cancer In This Century Online Summit Autumn 2016

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About your host:
CARLOS CARIDAD is the Founder and Host of Healing Cancer In This Century. He has an extensive background working for 23 years at the Valley Cancer Institute, a Hyperthermia Cancer Clinic in Los Angeles, California. Carlos also holds a Masters of Science in Electronics Engineering. As a scientist who practiced meditation and Yoga Pranayams, he realized there was something powerful with those healing energies. In 2004, his son was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. With the help of a homeopathic doctor and energy healers, his son was healed. Carlos is also a Reiki Master and Practitioner in the Los Angeles, CA area and has over 25 years of training, waking up and energizing energy centers (main chakras along the spine and everywhere else in the body).

Our schedule of speakers include:
Holistic, Alternative, and Integrative Doctors and Experts
Homeopathic, Hyperthermia, Oncology, and Naturopathic Doctors
Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Cannibas Health Experts, Medical Intuitives, and more
Energy Healers (Reiki and other modalities)
Medical Cannabis Experts – just added!
Cancer Survivors who’ve healed themselves
Speakers from around the globe including: United States, Canada, Poland, Myanmar,
England, Argentina, Germany, Columbia, Mexico, Chile, Taiwan, and Italy
Please see the schedule for the list of speakers by specialty
Join us September 25th – October 1st, 2016 for another launch of this amazing FREE summit!

Speakers By Specialty:
Alternative, Integrative, Holistic Doctors & Experts
Al Sanchez
Allison Melody
Burton Goldberg
Dr. Adam McLeod, N.D.
Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D.
Dr. Ben Johnson, M.D.
Dr. Charles Majors, D.C.
Dr. Christine Horner, M.D.
Dr. Cynthia Thaik, M.D.
Dr. James Forsythe, M.D.
Dr. Juergen Winkler, M.D.
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD
Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D.(H).
Gian Girardi

Energy & Spiritual Healers
Carlos Caridad
Dr. Eric Pearl, D.C.
Dr. Garry Gordon, M.D.
Jeannette von Johnsbach
Jessica Susan Carter
Kimberly Meredith
Richard Bergin

Cancer Survivors
Adam Masters
Annie Brandt
Burton Goldberg
Christopher Wark
Dr. Charles Majors, D.C.
Evita Ramparte
Jenny Hrbacek
Susan Liberty Hall

Dr. Alexander Herzog, M.D.
Dr. Francisco Contreras, MD
Dr. Mario Alberto Ornelas, M.D.

Other Specialists
Annie Brandt – Cancer Support Specialist
Avghi Constantinides, D.Hom – Homeopathy
Charlene Bollinger -Cancer Support Specialist
Christopher Wark – Holistic Health Advocate
Corinne Malanca – Medical Cannabis
Dr. Wing-Benn Deng, PhD, MATCM – Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Evita Ramparte – Author/Health Journalist
Jenny Hrbacek – Author/Early Diagnostic Testing
John Malanca – Medical Cannabis
Robert Wright – Cancer Support Specialist
Sel Sarkin – Medical Cannabis
Ty Bollinger -Cancer Support Specialist
Susan Liberty Hall – Natural Herbal Remedies
Dr. Tullio Simonicini, M.D., Cancer Specialist using Sodium Bicarbonate

Day 1
Dr. Adam McLeod, N.D.
Integrative Cancer Care
There are many natural therapies which can be effectively used to help patients through conventional cancer treatments. The key is using the right therapies at the right time. Dr. McLeod will discuss the evidence behind natural therapies in an integrative cancer setting. These therapies range from natural immune supports to utilizing the mind body connection.

Corinne and John Malanca
Cancer Needs Cannabis – The Story of United Patients Group
From a life-ending cancer diagnosis emerged the leading provider of information and education in the medical cannabis industry: United Patients Group. How one family member’s battle with Stage IV lung cancer – and his triumphant recovery with the help of medical cannabis – helped found United Patients Group.

Carlos Caridad
My Experiences with Emotional Trauma and Healing
After my son was healed from a terrible auto-immune disease with Homeopathy (an energy information remedy) and energy healing, and the years of practicing meditation/yoga/energy exercises and working for 23 years at the Valley Cancer Institute (an Integrative Hyperthermia Cancer Clinic), I realized there is much more to healing than taking care of nutrition and therapies that address only the body.
My experience at the cancer clinic, practicing energy healing, and interaction with different modalities of holistic healing and practitioners has lead me to realize how emotional trauma, childhood abuse, physical/emotional/sexual abuse affect our physical health and how healing our emotions is an important part of our holistic healing.

Dr. Christine Horner, M.D.
Radiant Health and Ageless Beauty
Board certified plastic surgeon and expert in natural health, Dr. Christine Horner, says no matter what you were dealt in the genetic lottery-and no matter what your age-you can enjoy a long life of radiant health and ageless beauty. And it can be simple, fun, and adventurous. Using the principals of Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old system of medicine, along with the latest cutting edge research, Dr. Horner tells you exactly what you need to avoid and what you need to embrace to experience extraordinary health and longevity.

Dr. Cynthia Thaik, M.D.
Keys to Maintaining A Vibrant Heart while Restoring Health, Strength & Spirit from our Inner Core
Life is a gift, and good health and a good heart should be our most prized possessions. Yet too often, we fail to treasure our health and our hearts until those blessings are gone. Our heart is much more than a biological muscle. It signifies energy, vibrancy, life, love, hope, happiness, vitality, strength, and spirit. Health and a vibrant, vivacious heart are not wholly physical things. The life we desire, the health we desire, and the quality of our hearts and bodies are first created within our mind’s eye. This talk will share effective techniques to help manage stress, to bring order to our chaotic lives, and to find deep and lasting peace with ourselves and with the world around us.

Adam Masters
Time of Change – Just in Time
Adam talks about his healing journey and what he learned along the way.

Day 2
Jeannette von Johnsbach
Self Healing and Transformation
Removing the deepest, hidden energetic blockages not only activates your innate self healing capabilities but also liberates you and transforms your life.
No matter where you are in your journey to health and wellness – Free yourself and start removing some of these blockages today!

Dr. Juergen Winkler, MD
Functional Medicine
Dr. Juergen Winkler talks about how he got into Alternative Medicine and Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is a way of looking at the root cause of a person’s disease and viewing each person as a unique individual. It addresses the whole person with regard to their individual genetics, environmental exposures, lifestyle factors, and spiritual, emotional and physical makeup.

Jessica Susan Carter
Healing with Spiritual Laws & Principles
The Universe is orchestrated by laws. We have the law of gravity that keeps us grounded, the earth’s rotation that maintains the seasons and setting sun. There are laws about what we should eat and how we should sleep. In this talk, Jessica dives beyond physical and into spiritual. She speaks about how Spiritual Law is at the causal level of it all and how mastery of these laws can heal the root of disease.

Robert Wright
What You Need to Know About Cancer
Anti-Cancer Strategies from the author of Killing Cancer-Not People.

Dr. Alexander Herzog, M.D.
Hyperthermia Around the World
Dr. Herzog talks about the history of hyperthermia and how it’s gaining recognition all around the world. He also mentions how hyperthermia needs to be used in conjunction with radiation and chemotherapy. Hyperthermia has shown to improve treatment results, lower side effects, and improve quality of life. There are various types of hyperthermia devices and treatments that can be used such as local, regional, whole body, and fever therapy.

Evita Ramparte
Cancer Prevention
Evita shares her cancer journey and the steps she took to heal herself. She explains how to look at cancer without fear and take action of your health. Your physical health is not the only thing that needs to be looked at; health is all areas of your life. Your body is a temple of your spirit, and it needs to be kept clean and filled with music and joy!

Day 3
Dr. Eric Pearl, D.C.
Reconnective Healing: Heal Others, Heal Yourself!
Reconnective Healing is backed by science and provides millions around the world the opportunity to achieve a more optimal state of health, balance and vitality in their lives.
They say your life can change overnight. That was certainly true for Dr. Eric Pearl. “One day I was a chiropractor and the next day I was something else,” says Eric. Overnight, Eric had found the ability to connect with energy and work with it to heal people. Today this is known worldwide as Reconnective Healing

Dr. Francisco Contreras, M.D.
Treating Cancer as a metabolic Disease vs. a Genetic Disease
Dr. Contreras explains some of the metabolic aspects of cancer that are addressed when treating a cancer patient. Learn the advantages and drawbacks of gene therapy for cancer and how to leverage a patient’s immune system against cancer.

Dr. Wing-Benn Deng, PhD, MATCM
The Healing Heart of Acupuncture
Dr. Deng explains what acupuncture is, how it works, and how it is used to help with the energy flowing through our bodies. If you’ve ever had an emotional energy blockage, Dr. Deng will teach you methods to remove those blockages. In this interview, you will also learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine theories and breathing techniques you can use to help relax your mind, body, and spirit.

Sel Sarkin
Plant Medicines
Sel talks about the nature and efficacy of Plant Medicines and how they can bring about healing on the physical, emotional and Spiritual levels. He will help explain their uses, dosage levels, supportive environments and how to work with the medicines.

Jenny Hrbacek, RN
Self-Assessment of the Heart
Most physicians are fearful to tread into issues of the heart and emotions. However, it’s commonly accepted that we are body, mind, and spirit no matter what religion a person is a member of. The most prevalent ongoing emotion leading up to cancer is depression, while chronic anger is the most likely emotion to cause heart disease and high blood pressure. Resolving emotional conflict is the first step to healing disease. Dealing with and healing this type of stress requires a focused effort.

Susan Liberty Hall
Overcoming Cancer with a Simple, Effective, Low Cost Natural Herbal Remedy
How I found “Two Feathers” Healing Formula through prayer, and how I was Cancer free within 3 months, including expelling 18 tumors from my breast, (even though ultrasound and mammograms from two prestigious Radiology Centers verified there were only 2 Cancerous tumors on my right breast) I also want to present the evidence of my experience through my medical blood tests, verifying my swift overcoming of Cancer. Four years later, I remain Cancer free. It is miraculous, it is hopeful, it is compelling, and it is a true story that people who have Cancer desperately need to hear.

Day 4
Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Spiritual Healing
Three levels of healing exist: natural, supernatural, and spiritual. The natural level, for example, is when a doctor helps mend a bone. The supernatural level is energetic, hands-on healing, such as Reiki. The spiritual level is a direct contact of source, a dynamic oneness. Dr. Beckwith shares some daily exercises that you can implement in your life to help move into gratitude.
Dr. Beckwith is the Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Burton Goldberg
Guiding You To Remission Using Integrated Medicine
Circulating tumor cells should be tested every year. Learn about circulating tumor cells and how to keep them in remission. Burton shares what he would have done differently after being diagnosed with cancer, and the value of having a medical detective who uses quantum physics to help tap into the body and see disease before it manifests. Follow him on his journey of finding new and improved ways to heal cancer.

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