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For over 30 years, John Carlton has been a notoriously successful copywriter, consultant, and mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs looking to break away from the pack and start earning the big bucks.

His first course, “Kick Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel”, taught the new generation of online marketers how to create killer ads (and everything else needed for a real biz). His breakthrough book “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together” is must-reading for everyone in business (or wanting to get into business).

And “The Rant”, his blog at http://www.john-carlton.com, has been providing insider advice, tactics and advice since 2004. For free.

This latest series of books (The Business Pro’s Essential Toolkit”) organizes the vast archives at the blog into clear categories, bringing the best stuff straight to you in an easy-to-read format. No more searching through the years for the specific themes John writes about – it’s all right here in one tidy package.

The first book is a collection of articles aimed at living well, at every stage in your entrepreneurial adventure. A quick peek at the Table Of Contents will give you a good idea of what’s at stake. It’s far too common to burn out, to fail, to struggle endlessly as an entrepreneur…

… when a few simple insider pieces of advice can quickly move you into a smooth groove where wealth and happiness on all fronts can be achieved easily.

This is the kind of life-changing advice you can only hear from a grizzled professional with decades of experience to share. John’s unique formula, throughout his career, was to make every mistake possible (because he was always pushing boundaries)… find out what went wrong, and fix it by learning his lesson, securing new resources, developing new skills, whatever it took…

… and then getting back into the game to do it successfully.

There’s no theory here. It’s all hard-won lessons and advice that comes from the reality of doing business in the real world… where people aren’t always who they say they are, where promises are rarely kept, where the way things actually get done are counter-intuitive and must be learned.

Entrepreneurs who try to do everything themselves, alone and without the advice and counsel of a wise veteran… are too often doomed to failure. There are just too many moving parts in the business world. You need mentors, and serious help navigating the many new challenges you will constantly face.

That’s where John comes in. He’s been a mentor to many of the now well-known marketers out there, and has personally coached a majority of the top copywriters now on the “A-List”. You’ll recognize many of the testimonials here as Big Dogs in business today.

This book, and the entire series, is an organized quick read that is crammed with essential advice, tactics and strategies used by the best marketers alive.

Here is the advice you’ve always craved, from an experienced, caring mentor who’s seen it all, been around the block a few times, and is willing to share it all with you.

A new adventure in business and life awaits…

Editorial Reviews
“John Carlton is that cool, street-wise, curmudgeonly, heart-of-gold uncle that you always wished you had… the one who played guitar in a rock-and-roll band, and who just happens to be an incredible wizard of sales copy and marketing. When you read what John writes you will be wildly entertained, and you’ll also become a much better entrepreneur.”
Jeff Walker
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams”

“You should all know of John Carlton. He’s a long-tenured major leaguer. Now a graybeard. It seems to me all the real rebels are aging. Most of today’s direct response copy that I see churned out is derivative and formulaic and safe. Not Carlton’s. Anyway, he has now written a book (“The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together”). It’s good. It is a poke in the eye, a whack on the head, a blunt dissertation.

One thing we completely agree on is that most do NOT have their shit together. Not even close. And, to the salesmen go the spoils.”
Dan Kennedy
Legendary and influential business coach, author of the “No B.S.” book series

Everything John does is edgy. There just aren’t many people who can alert you to the mind-bending irrationality of real human beings – and show you how to work with it, flow with it. If humans confuse you and you need a teacher, John’s your man.”
Perry Marshall
Best-selling author of “80/20 Sales And Marketing” and “The Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords”
From the Author
The only way to get really good in business is to learn how to solve problems. All kinds of problems, from the gut-churning big ones to the nagging stuff that just ruins your mood.

As a freelance copywriter, I spent 30 years being hired by every type of business owner there is, to fix every kind of problem possible, in just about every market that exists. It’s the kind of in-the-trenches, super-intense education that reveals the essential lessons in getting rich and happy.

You can’t get this kind of wisdom from books. You have to engage with life, and business, and the messy affairs of humans firsthand. And know how to learn from your mistakes.

A good freelancer is a savvy consultant first – finding out where the REAL problems are (almost never where the client thought they were), and creating a clear plan to fix what’s broken. We don’t get down to actually writing anything until we’ve done our exhaustive detective work… which involves understanding the fundamentals of good business (find a starving crowd, offer them what they crave, and pay attention to the details of your “sales funnel”) while also understanding how strange and irrational people can be.

I’ve spent decades dealing with technological glitches that have destroyed business empires… wrangling with the best and worst sort of folks out there (from the sociopaths haunting many markets, to entrepreneurs so baffled by nonsense that they can’t get anything done, to the true legends in business who have become experts at moving through life)…

… and generally learning the hard lessons over and over again, as needed to stay on top of the game.

My transformation from clueless slacker to sought-after business expert was slow and painful. I made nearly every mistake possible… and my only regret is that I didn’t make them ALL. Because that has been my education in life and biz – I tried my best to do my best, and if that failed, I dedicated myself to figuring out the RIGHT way to get things done. Which often required learning new skills, finding new resources of info, and testing, testing, testing.

After around 30 years of refining my expertise as a consultant, problem-solver, and fortune-creating hero, I figured it was time to share what I’ve learned.

Everything you read here comes from real life. The lessons, advice and tactics have all been hauled out into reality and carefully monitored to see if they worked, and fixed if they didn’t. There is no guesswork here. No theory.

Learning to do well in business… really well, so you’re happy and rich, and not miserable and struggling… means paying attention to living well. And not just “doing well” with products and customers and marketing.

It’s the whole package. We only get one ticket in life, and there are no do-overs or restarts. If it’s time you finally changed your script around, and started doing the things that bring results, then welcome. This series of books is the best possible place to start.

You’re gonna love the adventure that begins today…

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