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Letting go of the pain and rebuilding your life is possible
Here’s how to end the cycle of abuse and start living the wonderful life that you DO deserve

Hello. My name is Melanie Tonia Evans and I am proud to introduce you to a healing system that not only saved my life but has now saved thousands of other people’s lives worldwide.

My life is more radiant, incredible, fulfilling and empowered than I could have ever believed possible as a result of this healing system.

I want you to know that even though the following information is discussing narcissistic love relationships, please note this healing system is effective and successful for ALL narcissistic relationships… including parents, siblings, friends, work associates and so forth, and is relevant for you regardless of your age, gender or whether you are straight or gay.

This healing system is not just one of recovery; it is about THRIVING after narcissistic abuse.
I know how painful it is …

One moment you think you are living the life of your dreams. You have fallen in love. You have finally found “The One” – the person with whom you can enjoy your dream life.

Things are going so well, and this person seems to be everything you could have ever hoped for. They seem to know exactly how to make you feel loved, and how to fulfil your every need.

Life is wonderful. Everything is perfect!

But then the unthinkable happens. The person who once seemed to adore you begins to change. He or she seems annoyed, unhappy and starts saying and doing things that make you feel uneasy, criticised, anxious and confused.

Over time you start feeling even more bewildered. You begin questioning yourself and trying to not say or do the wrong thing. Yet whatever you are or aren’t doing, trying to keep the peace isn’t working.

According to this person who used to “adore you like no other,” what you do is now “never good enough”. You are blamed for all the problems in the relationship, no matter how much you try to explain, prove, fix things or justify yourself.

The behaviour escalates. You may have caught this person lying or doing disloyal and even adulterous things behind your back. But despite all the atrocious things this person is doing, it is YOU who is treated like “the enemy”.

Your partner refuses to be accountable, is not genuinely remorseful, and despite being so caring and concerned for your wellbeing in the past, is now saying and doing awful things.

Does this sound familiar?

I know exactly how hard it is to accept that the “love of your life” is now maliciously deceiving, abusing, controlling and deliberately hurting you.
How did this happen?

You ask yourself, “How did I go from feeling SO adored, appreciated, safe, protected and cherished to feeling absolutely devastated?”

“How could the person who professed to love me with every cell of their being become so cruel, conscienceless, calculating and vicious?”

Because you are here right now, reading these words, the pain may have become unbearable.

You may be at your wit’s end, trying to redeem yourself to this person, regardless of how much he or she is hurting you, and trying to win back the “dream partner” you thought you had.

Maybe by now you strongly suspect that there is no hope of making this relationship work, because nothing you are doing is working and the ugly, painful and even violent episodes are becoming more and more frequent.

It is becoming increasingly clear that your dream of the perfect partner and the perfect life is slipping further and further away.

You may have realised that even when this person at times does apologise and seems remorseful, that his or her actions do not match the words, and before long the same behaviour repeats itself.

And now it is becoming obvious that this person, despite pledging their love at times, won’t be accountable and change their behaviour.
Am I the crazy one?

How many times have you asked yourself this question?

After all, how many times has this person told you how wrong you are, how bad you are, how it is all your fault, and how your issues, past, family, personality, lack of caring, lack of integrity, lack of love, lack of communication or lack of honesty is the exact reason why this person behaves the way he or she does?

If you are like the thousands of people who I have helped heal from narcissistic abuse, then you may have already done a lot of work on yourself. It is very possible that you have read lots of books, been to therapy and even attended numerous workshops.

Maybe this is not your first disappointing and painful relationship, and because you have done so much work on yourself you thought by now that you had healed your emotional wounds. You may have thought you were finally ready to create a long-lasting, healthy, loving relationship.

I know just how painful it is to believe you have “made it home” to true love, only to realise that the dream destination is not real – and now you have to start all over again because you are back in a place you thought you would never have to experience again – let alone have to go through something as horrific and traumatising as this.

This time your life feels ripped apart on most, if not all, levels. You literally feel that your soul has been raped.

You are probably beyond feeling devastated, realising this person who you thought was the love of your life is in fact your worst possible nightmare instead.

Just like all of us who have been narcissistically abused, it is likely, right now, that your faith in life feels shattered, and you wonder how you will ever trust again.

It is understandable that right now you may be feeling more powerless and helpless than you have ever felt before.

I know intimately how all of these feelings feel, because that is exactly how I ended up after narcissistic abuse. And I am not the only person to have felt like this – not by a long shot.

I have met thousands of people who all report these extreme levels of devastation and feelings of hopelessness as a result of being narcissistically abused.

In fact I will go as far as to say – we all do.
But what if I was to tell you there is a way to turn this all around?
What if I was to tell you that you can wake up from this nightmare?

What if I told you that you don’t have to go through years of agony, and even within a few short months your life and emotions can be barely recognisable from the way things are now?

The truth is: this agony that you have felt powerless to change, you actually DO have the power to change.

I know this because I have seen people who have been so broken, so traumatised and who believe they may never get better and even feel suicidal, completely turn their lives around, even when their doctors and therapists couldn’t grant them hope.

I’m going to show you how to make the changes that are not just going to free you from narcissistic abuse, but are also going to uncover all the answers as to why your life has not turned out the way you thought it would.
Making these changes is going to change your life forever … in incredible ways

I want you to imagine for a moment what it would feel like to be completely over this person, to have no attachments, thoughts and feelings concerning him or her, or what happened to you whatsoever.

Imagine being able to get on with your life, enjoy living, being creative, and being able to experience purpose and know what real joy feels like again.

This is exactly what the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program has done for thousands of other people just like you.

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program is a specific step-by-step process which creates liberation from the deadly grips of narcissistic abuse.

“I’ve read a ton of self-help books but nothing took hold in what I’ve wanted to change about me and my life. I think this is what makes your program so special, your deep knowledge about psychology, metaphysics and the human body and spirituality. Thank you Melanie for the great changes that are happening in my life. Without you and the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program I would be stuck in the same never ending pattern and pain of abuse as I’ve always been in.”

~ Julie Parker, UK

“As a result of accessing the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program I regained confidence, self esteem and self worth in an incredibly short space of time. From being able to barely function I was able to regain myself and start directing my life with inspiration, obtain a new career, pastimes and I now have a wonderful new lady in my life. Most importantly I am different; I am a more empowered, aware and fulfilled human being.”

~ Pete Norton, Australia

As you follow the 10 step process you will:

Find the hidden blocks within yourself that have caused you to attract abusive people into your life.
Release the addiction to him or her so that you can detach and stop experiencing mind-bending and soul-shattering abuse.
Let go of the repetitive, painful thoughts and feelings so you can start functioning and feeling healthy again, resume your life, your livelihood and be able to connect to the people and activities you care about.
Discover how to bypass the obsessive thoughts in your head and release your emotional trauma powerfully and directly.
Experience the relief of letting go of all of the betrayal, cruelty and inhumane behaviour without having to get unobtainable validation or accountability from this person.
Feel the relief of true closure where you are no longer haunted by the past.
Experience the inspiration to start moving forward again towards your goals.
Know what it is to feel joy, happiness and creativity again every single day.
Experience what it is to come home to yourself and start experiencing self-love and self-acceptance authentically.
Experience deeper, fuller levels of love for you, for others and for life itself, than you ever thought possible.
Witness the events and love that start entering your life to support you and enrich you as you heal.

These are only some of the wonderful realities you can begin to experience within a few short months as a result of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.

Module 1: Release the Immediate Pain and Feelings of Loss

In Module 1 you begin releasing the intense painful charges and trauma of narcissistic abuse.

By doing so you will start to break free from the painful constriction that your body is locked into, and the trauma your mind is continually obsessing over.

As a result of working with Module 1, you can expect to start feeling relief, as layer by layer you shift the pain and fear out of your body, and more space starts opening up for healing.
Module 2: Release and Heal the Illusion of the Perfect Partner

After space, relief and hope opens up, it is time to release one of the most deadly hooks – the feelings that you can’t live without the narcissist, or generate your life without him or her.

After working through this module you will be able to release the illusion that the narcissist was your source of fulfilment, happiness and/or security, and you will be able to feel, know and integrate yourself as “The One” you need to become for yourself.

As a result of working with this Module you will experience a significant decrease in your feelings of addiction, loss and longing for the narcissist.
Module 3: Forgive Yourself and Life for What You Have Been Through

The next stage of the journey is about dissolving the limiting beliefs of victimisation.

When we have been abused by a narcissist it is extremely easy to feel victimised.

When you release the painful beliefs and emotions about blame and shame, and non-acceptance of “what happened to you”, you will shift into beliefs and emotions of acceptance, and self-love.

This is the energetic frequency where you start opening up to life, possibilities and miracles.
You can expect feelings of freedom, peace and renewed inspiration for your life as a result of working with this Module.
Module 4: Release and Heal the Pain of Injustice and Betrayal

This stage of your healing journey is about releasing the hooks of painful attachment as a result of the narcissist’s behaviour.

This Module is invaluable to clear away the painful beliefs and emotions relating to the pain and fear of lies, deceit, smear campaigns and other narcissistic tactics.

The consistent feedback I hear from people working with this Module is a feeling like an intense weight has been lifted.
When you are no longer vibrating in the pain of injustice you cease to be a magnet for it, and this disarms the narcissist’s ability to continue acting out against you.
Module 5: Let Go of the Fight to Win and Create Decency

This Module may seem similar to Module 4, but it is profoundly unique and a vital step of your complete energetic recovery.

Trying to make the narcissist accountable is one of the greatest hooks keeping you attached to the narcissist and handing your power over to them.

It is essential that you release yourself from the heightened, painful and panicked charge of “needing to win” – needing the narcissist to wake up, and needing other people to realise who the narcissist really is.

After working with this Module you will feel a profound sense of detachment as you experience the relief of having emotional closure and no longer feeling any urge to force the narcissist to take responsibility for their actions.
It is usual, after you work through this Module, for the narcissist to lose power over you.
Module 6: Release and Heal the Need to Take Responsibility for the Narcissist

Feeling responsible for the narcissist is one of the most powerful hooks that could be keeping you attached to him or her.

If you are empathetic and enable the narcissist’s behaviour, by allowing him or her to be abusive to you, you make it very easy to be scapegoated and blamed for the narcissist’s poor behaviour.

This Module is vital, and after working with it you’ll feel relief, detachment and a release from feeling sorry for the narcissist, believing it is your responsibility to fix him or her, and taking the blame for the narcissist’s projections.
Incredible clarity and being able to partner healthily with yourself comes as a result of working with this Module.
Module 7: Connect to the Gift of Your Own Personal and Spiritual Empowerment

At this stage of the journey you will shift into the deeper acceptance and purpose of why you were in a narcissistic relationship.

This creates a powerful anchoring into realising that life is operating “through you” and not “to you”, which grants you the ability to transcend your woundedness and evolve.

This gives you the power to create your own life.
After completing this Module you will start feeling optimistic about your goals, and you will start to sense many future possibilities, as your life begins to open up and flourish.
Module 8: Release and Heal the Fear of the Narcissist and What May Happen Next

This Module is one of the most-used healing sessions in NARP… for very good reasons.

Narcissists can be ruthless when they are engaged in custody and property settlements, when acting out abuse by proxy, or when “hoovering” and trying to hook you back into the relationship.

Narcissists are energetic vampires who can’t generate their own energy.

When you can shift the pain and fear out of your cells of what the narcissist is doing, or may do, you stop feeding him or her energy.
Many NARP members have had false charges dropped, smear campaigns fall flat and favourable custody and property settlements as a result of working this Module diligently.
Module 9: Release and Heal the Connection to the Narcissist

This Module is not just about cutting the energetic ties – it is a part of the process to keep raising your energy vibration into your “True Self” state where your essential self is no longer a vibrational match for a narcissist.

After using this Module you will experience the release of the last pieces of grief, loss and pain.

As a result you will have a much greater ability to move forward into your new life without past memories and old wounds resurfacing.
Module 10: Realise your Liberation, Freedom and Truth

This final Module allows you to align with your True Self state, which is living in love, truth, integrity, peace and joy.

After working solidly through the other Modules, you have reached a level where you can claim your True Self within this healing session.

You will open up into a state of expansiveness with feelings of joy, liberation, freedom, love and confidence as the result of working with this Module.
Unlimited Access to the NARP Community Forum

One of the most important things for anyone going through a difficult time is a support network.

As a NARP member you will be granted unlimited access to a Community of people who understand what you are going through, who are willing to listen, give encouragement and help you get better.

Many experienced NARP Thrivers, are available daily in the NARP Community Forum to guide you, hold your hand and grant you specific insights to assist your recovery process. This Community is your virtual recovery group that you can call upon for help at any time you need it.

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