Sharon Ramel – Your Life Purpose Revealed Through Yoga Nidra

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Course Description
Welcome to discovering you life purpose everyone. As of September 22, 2016 this course in being updated, closed captions are being added and the MP3 audio meditations are being converted to video format. The audio files are still available. Please be patient – it takes considerable time to convert and transcribe!

Your guide Sharon Ramel is here with you daily to assist answering your questions.

Do you identify with Bono singing in the U2’s song, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”? Then this life purpose course is for you. Prepare for personal transformation, you have the ability to engage in a deep spiritual way that will empower and transform your life. You will learn very specific Yoga Nidra Meditation techniques to discover your life purpose.. Be patient as Rome was not built in a day! Do the ground work and you will be rewarded.

Why are we on this planet and what are we really meant to be doing? What is this thing called ‘life purpose’ and ‘personal transformation’. Every being is intended to be on earth for a certain purpose.” Sa’di, 12th Century Persian poet

Everyone feels a pull towards some defining life purpose, no matter how much it may have become shrouded over along the way. Personal transformation begin with you taking the first step to realise your absolute potential.

There are consequences to not knowing or finding your life purpose. People describe feeling “off-track” in some way, or incomplete, despite a conventionally successful life. Sometimes they wonder if they’ve been on the “wrong” path all along, chosen the wrong career, or life partner. Or that perhaps they haven’t realized that their chosen path could be more meaningful or purposeful for them. This can bring an absence of inner peace and a sense of not being fully in sync with the inner self. The path to personal transformation begins here and now.

This course helps you to discover our Heart’s Desire – your Life Purpose

This personal transformation life purpose course is designed in building blocks. Please, take one step after the other, do not skip forwards or backwards. For the best possible outcome commit and do it in the sequence it is presented in. It is time for you to stop struggling. For the primary purpose of every human being is simply to be: fully engaged in this moment, and aligned with the natural flow of reality itself.

The beauty of effortless being, and how to awaken to it through Yoga Nidra
Tapping the vast power and intelligence of stillness within Yoga Nidra Unfolding your purpose through actions in alignment with the timeless present.
We will use a combination of ancient yogic philosophy with it’s treasure trove of wisdom to draw us into the mysteries of the heart and how to use this wisdom today.
Integration workbook exercises to enable deep reflection on the meditations and knowledge revealed to you. This will assist you in a practical reflective life purpose discovery tool.
This course is designed to be self-paced, however a regular commitment is required for you to gain the skills to remain relaxed and focused on your purpose even if inner confusion and conflict arises. This will help you become the co-creator of your life purpose, with personal transformation events and challenges unfolding with a new found grace and ease.
Not sure? Scroll down there are free previews for you to get a taste of what is to come

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The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment

What are the requirements?
This is an applied learning course. There is a workbook that accompanies it, and it is important to complete the workbook exercises for each lecture
You will get the most out of the course on the first time through if you watch the videos and do the meditations as they present. Adult Learning Theory has been applied throughout the course, and skillfully uses both visual and auditory cues to ensure effective learning
Come with a open heart and mind
This course probably isn’t for you if you are looking for a quick fix and are not interested in self-reflection.
What am I going to get from this course?
Define the primary purpose of your life and learn to align fully with what is happening in the present moment.
Discover ancient yogic concepts and how to use them today for health, healing and discovering your life purpose
Understand how to utilise the benefits of Yoga Nidra to discover your life purpose
Draw the power of intention to find your life purpose
Recognise and open to presence as the eternal “I am,” the intelligence found in stillness, and awakening to the beauty of simply being
What is the target audience?
This course is meant for individuals genuinely wanting to create change in their life. You may be new to personal development or a seasoned seeker and if you are willing to put the energy into yourself you will benefit from this course.
This course takes you on an increasingly deep guide into your true purpose and desire, you need to do the work required to ensure you get the most out of it
Anyone interested in escaping the trap of compulsive thinking, and awakening to the beauty of simply being.
If you are lazy and think you can just half attend then this is not for you
There are no short cuts in life, nor within this course

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