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Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: I have studied hypnosis with some of the very best masters in the world. Some that you would know, others that you wouldn’t.

Reason two: I have training in “Closed Door Hypnotic Sciences” that very few will ever get to become privy to. And now I’m willing to share them with you.

Reason three: I methodically, took what I learned over the years, condensed it into very workable, techniques that you can use instantly….

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

rapid hypnosis  The Central Rule of Mental Power: Once you gain control of your mind, everything else is down hill.

rapid hypnosis  A true understanding of how the mind works: Get total control of your mind….Then the Mind of others!

rapid hypnosis  Eliminate Fear & Doubt: Establish the confidence you need for every are of your life

rapid hypnosis  Subconscious non-verbal communication: Super sneaky methods to get your persuasiveness across

rapid hypnosis  Speaking face to face and mind to mind: This “Closed Door” method will allow you to influence with a “double barreled” effect

rapid hypnosis  Bombard the consciousness with commands and impressions: Like a missile you will target the subconscious mind of others with definitive power

rapid hypnosis  Creating an magnetic attraction mechanism: Attract others to do your bidding

rapid hypnosis  How to put someone in a trance: Learn how to do it, why it works, and how effective it can be.

rapid hypnosis Discover How To Do Quick Trances: This same technique is used by master hypnotists all the time, and will work for you to.

rapid hypnosis  How to train with the skills of the professional influencer: Train like a hypnotist and controller. Unlock the concepts that separate the men from the boys (or women from the girls)

rapid hypnosis  Post Hypnotic Suggestions: How to set these magical triggers to continue to persuade and influence long after you are gone.

rapid hypnosis  Power of the voice: This one concept is worth the entire cost of the course. Masters use it. Others don’t. We’ll show you how the voice really works during hypnosis and trance.

rapid hypnosis  Put yourself into trances easily and effectively: Once you can put yourself into trance, putting others into one, will be a cinch.

rapid hypnosis  Using Auto-Suggestion to pre-rehearse success in your life: Find out the correct way to use Auto-Suggestion. These small, but often time misunderstood tactics, work like a charm.

rapid hypnosis  Break Bad Habits Through Self HypnosisQuit smoking, lose weight, better performance. Now you’ll have the keys to your kingdom

rapid hypnosis  And Much, Much, More…….

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

So, I wrote and put together my course entitled “Manipulation” (click here to view it) and it became an overnight success…… We have shipped it to every part of the known world.

Everybody loved it.

I really took and developed it really well, but a lot of people kept asking for more…. More info on trance, more info on subliminals, and so forth…

I was speaking on the phone one day with one of my clients and he said to me….

“Why don’t you just create a course that is broken down into parts or modules, that people can learn specific skills on each one”.

I thought about it and then put it back on the shelf for about 9 months, as I had several other projects in the hopper….

After about 9 months, another customer asked for just about the same thing, and I decided to deliver it….

I took a lot of the concepts from Manipulation and just basically expanded upon them….

Now here is the neat part…..

I took 9 of the most powerful concepts that relate to Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence and created a one of kind, step by step module system of instruction…

The nice thing is, you can either buy the modules one at a time or the entire set to save some bucks…

Warning:  Do NOT buy any Hypnosis Courses unless it meets the following 4 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 4 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

free hypnosis mp3 Make sure the person uses the techniques in real world situations. I will prove to you with my mentoring that I have used this information and can do it over and over again…..That is what you need…

free hypnosis mp3 Is the information precisely laid out or is it the recording of someone’s weekend seminar? Seminars are great, but a lot of times you get a lot of fluff and it takes several hours to get to the point of the content. My course is studio recorded with all concepts laid out for you to get the most out of it.

free hypnosis mp3 Do they offer mentoring. I offer (3) mentoring session (which are worth the cost of the course, I might add) which will allow you to exponentially increase your hypnotic skills.

free hypnosis mp3 Can you use it for multiple applications? My course, you can use for business, personal, romance, losing weight quitting smoking, etc. I give you the underlying methods that will allow you to control, persuade or influence your self or others…

You get at least 10 times your money’s worth!

Like we said before, we have charged thousands of dollars over the years to individuals who wanted to become proficient with these methods….

Trust me, this course of instruction is worth several times what we are charging and we challenge you to compare it to others on the market….

This information is precisely what you have been looking for.

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